Maddie Stenberg

Blending haunting vocal melodies with powerful introspective lyrics, Maddie Stenberg brings her experiences to life with her intricate vocals at the heart of the whole sound.

Her fusion of influences create a transporting and unique sound.

Backed by an intelligent and compelling band her live shows are full of intrigue that radiate a fierce boldness that is engrossing and gripping to experience



Maddie Stenberg, Take Me Home. Single Review.
Maddie Stenberg takes it all in her stride, a fierce boldness that radiates outwards and burns within like a volcanic fire and yet has at its heart a sense of absolute serenity, of passion for the soft spoken word and the demeanour of a Queen, regal in her stance, an assurance of her talent flowing through her like a spring tide, and in the single Take Me Home, the endowment of playing and composing songs is quite simply a joy, a recognition of the hard work done and how much the future can hold her with pride. ........Read More


‘Take me home’ is an enchanting atmospheric number that flows on a surge of sweet tender emotion. Stenberg’s vocals ooze emotion as her raspy hinted tones display rich depths and lush facets of sweetness between strong intense moments. The twinkling piano adds a touch of elegance to the track while warm guitars glisten between breezy soundscapes.....Read More


The Florrie Festival

Regular airplay of new singles Dreamers & Modern Voodoo has seen Ali Horn’s reputation soar lately. Since calling it a day with Strange Collective his fanbase is increasingly growing, including big name followers like BBC6 Music’s Liz Kershaw’s who recently invited him to hold court on her radio show.

Here playing amongst others his two latest releases he provides a charmingly chilled set full of whirling guitars and looping synths with Barney Goodhall backing him up.

It’s a first for us today in seeing Maddie Stenberg play. Fresh from releasing her single just last month, Ghosts And Girls, she brought some beautifully laid back soulful harmonies to this glorious day.

Next was a stripped back acoustic session from one of Liverpool’s finest exports, Clean Cut Kid, albeit with just the pairing of Mike and Evelyn Halls. Still riding the crest of their latest album Painwave the couple receive a great reception as they work through hits like Emily, Vitamin C and Evelyn.  Read More


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